Quelle coupe, barbe ou moustache en fonction de votre visage

What cut, beard or mustache depending on your face

We have often wondered what we would look like if we changed the shape of our beard. The shape of your beard can play an important role in our appearance, like everything that affects our face it is of paramount importance.
We wanted to create this guide because we know the importance that a haircut, beard or mustache trim can have and we want everyone to be able to find and adopt their own style. To feel unique, different, in tune with yourself in order to reveal your character.

This is why we have created a short guide to help you find your style and signature thanks to your face shape. There's nothing like taking the faces from our favorite series, Peaky Blinders, to showcase all face shapes.

If you have a face:

oval face cut round face cut square face cut lengthening face cut triangle face cut diamond face cut


oval face cut

You have an oval face, you are one of the lucky ones, between a round and square shape, it offers you a wide choice of beard and hair styles. Everything is possible whether it is a long beard, short beard or a mustache as well as a cut for long or short hair. Your oval shape therefore already offers you a certain balance that you just need to take care of.

🧔🏻‍♂️ Our advice for your beard : Your face shape therefore allows you to try and adopt all kinds of beards, so we have put together our selection for you: short beards such as 3-day or one-week beard, a well-sculpted beard such as the Woodcutter cut, the beard collar and all forms of mustache: chevron, horseshoe, fine ringlet and handlebar mustache. However, we do not recommend overly full beards, as goatees and goatees can distort the shape of your face.

💈 Our advice for your hair: As with the beard and mustache, your face shape allows you to wear everything. The best thing is to wear your hair on your forehead to create movement and volume. Opt for a classic cut, short in the back and sides with length at the top. Turn to cuts such as Mad Men or Side Part.

oval face cut


round face cut

The particularity of round faces is that there are no angles my Dear Watson, so it is up to you to choose a beard and hair cut in order to create angles while rebalancing the proportions of your face.

🧔🏻‍♂️ Our advice for your beard : For your beard and mustache we therefore advise you to work the angles and sides while creating volume towards the bottom of the face in order to slightly stretch it, breaking the rounded effect of the cheeks to chin. We will advise you to take good care of the hair on your neck and leave this area clean. For this we therefore recommend short beards such as three-day beard. On the contrary, it is not recommended to wear a beard or mustache that is too thick and full on the cheeks as well as a beard collar which will accentuate the round shape of your face. So turn to beards such as the Nicolas II or a Medium Ducktail

round face beard

💈 Our advice for your hair: To help you structure your face, we suggest you opt for a style that adds volume to your hair while paying attention to keeping the edges shorter so as not to accentuate the roundness of your face . For this we advise you to go for a Classic Pompadour cut, a Pompadour Razorfade or even High side part. These cuts will therefore give you height and will also lengthen your face.

round face cut


square face man cut

With a square shape, your features are very angular, so we will seek to round certain parts of your face in order to create a new harmony.

🧔🏻‍♂️ Our advice for your beard: With a square shape, we mainly recommend sticking with a short beard or any type of mustache, including a goatee or goatee. If you want to be tempted by a long beard, you will have to opt for a beard that will pull your face down and that does not have too much volume on the sides. The Apron style, Long Hipster and the Nicolas II are the ones that would suit you best.

beard square face

💈 Our advice for your hair: Keep your hair mid-length to long to maintain volume and not keep too much volume on the sides. As with your beard, we want to break up this square side and therefore add more volume to the top of your head than to the sides. The Side leaves with its cut styled on the side with its marked parting faded to white which will therefore elongate your face. Just like the Side part, the High Side part is an option offering more volume and height, allowing you to grow taller just like your face. If you want to keep more volume on the side you will lean more towards a Mad Men style with its gradient cut with scissors, retro and elegant.

men's cut for square faces


elongated face cut

You have a long face, so it will be important to add volume to the sides: your cheeks and your jaw.

🧔🏻‍♂️ Our advice for your beard and mustache : For your face shape we recommend short beards such as three-day or one-week beards as well as full beards. Your shape also allows you to opt for a mustache without it pulling downwards, avoid the horseshoe mustache which will stretch your face. We therefore advise you to try the Connaisseur, Gentleman mustache or the Chevron mustache. On the contrary, we do not recommend long beards at the level of the chin and the bottom of your face as well as goatees, goatees or even beard collars which will only accentuate and further lengthen the shape of your face.

💈 Our advice for your hair: As with your beard and mustache, we advise you to keep length on the sides and not leave too much volume at the top. For this we recommend our What Else cut or the Executive Contour, taking care not to cut too much on the sides.

men's face lengthening haircut


Your face is carried by a narrow jaw and a broad forehead so you are one of the men with a triangle face. So we want to slightly break up your angular features.

🧔🏻‍♂️ Our advice for your beard and mustache : For your beard and mustache we want to avoid adding too much volume, short beards will fit you perfectly but you can also adopt the Medium Ducktail, a beard that is not too long is good structure. If you prefer to opt for a mustache we will lean more towards an imperial mustache or a thick French mustache. As you will have understood, we do not recommend overly long beards which will accentuate the triangle shape of your face. We also advise against goatees and goatees.

💈 Our advice for your hair: Unlike your beard and mustache we will seek to create more depth and volume on the top of your head thanks to your blow, do not hesitate to get out of your comfort zone with the Classic Grease or again the King's Banana but if you want to stay on more secure values ​​you can also go for a Pompadour style with the classic Pompadour or the Razorfade Pompadour.

men's triangle face cut


Men's diamond face cut

If your face is diamond, you are part of the rarest face shape, as the name suggests, which has its own characteristics and requirements. Your face has many angles and mostly a pronounced jaw and chin. So we want to slightly erase the angles created by your jaw.

🧔🏻‍♂️ Our advice for your beard and mustache : Concerning your beard and mustache we will advise you to wear well-maintained full beards like the Long full beard. For mustaches you can pretty much wear anything ranging from the handlebar mustache, the Clark Gable or if you want a thicker style of mustache such as the stocked tide.

diamond face beard

💈 Our advice for your hair: For your diamond-shaped hair we will advise you to go for a cut with long hair or you can tuck your hair behind your ears like with our Dandy and Mad Men cut. However, if you prefer cuts that are a little shorter and trimmed on the sides, you would lean more towards an executive contour.

diamond men's cut

We know that revealing a man's beauty remains a complex exercise, particularly for all face shapes that exist. If, despite all this advice, you are still not sure or do not know how to decide, do not hesitate to make an appointment with our hairdressers and barbers who will guide you with their expertise.

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Photo credits © Peaky Blinders.
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