Finding the Perfect Haircut, Beard and Mustache Style for Men: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for the ideal haircut that reflects your personality and unique style? Or maybe you're looking to add a touch of masculinity with a well-groomed beard and stylish mustache? Look no further because we've put together a collection of hairstyle ideas, beard and mustache styles to inspire you.

Explore Trendy Haircuts:

Whether you prefer short, neat hair, relaxed cuts, or long, tousled hairstyles, our guide to trendy haircuts offers a variety of options for all hair types and textures. Discover the latest trends in men's haircuts and find the one that best suits your face and lifestyle.

  • Razorfade Pompadour

    Traditional pompadour cut with white razor gradient.

  • Classic Pompadour

    Traditional pompadour cut with clipper gradient, with or without parting
    which requires the use of a strong hold styling product to
    an optimal result.

  • Executive Contour

    Classic cut, layered with scissors or clippers depending on the desired length, side parted styling.

  • King's Banana

    Elvis Presley's flagship cut, retro chic which requires a certain amount of maintenance.

  • Side Part

    Styled cut on the side with marked parting faded to white with the clippers.

  • Slick Back

    Cut styled towards the back, faded to white with clippers.

  • What Else

    Cut long worn by George Clooney, short simple and effective, with scissors and tapered with a razor.

  • High Side Part

    Clippered, side parted, messy volume on top.

  • Classic Grease

    Mid-length cut greased as desired towards the back, Benjamin Biolay style.

  • Dandy

    Gradient with scissors on the sides with or without demarcation, keeping maximum length at the top, styling towards the back or on the side.

  • Mad Men

    Gradient haircut with scissors, styling with side parting while keeping volume at the front, very popular in the 50s, retro and elegant cut.

Adopt a Beard Style That Suits You

A beard is a timeless fashion accessory that can completely transform your appearance. Whether you prefer a well-trimmed beard, a casual stubble, or even a full beard, our guide has beard care tips and styling ideas to help you achieve the perfect look.

  • Medium Ducktail

    Beard trimmed to a point, trimmed with scissors, contours traced with a razor

  • Long Beard

    Beard worn long, trimmed in a rounded shape, contours traced with a razor.

  • Long Ducktail

    Beard trimmed to a point, trimmed with scissors, contours traced with a razor

  • Woodcutter

    Beard left natural, trimmed in a rounded shape.

  • Long Woodcutter

    Long beard left natural, trimmed in a rounded shape.

  • Apron

    Apron-shaped beard, very long, natural contours.

  • Hipster

    Very modern beard, well maintained, contours with a razor.

  • LongHipster

    Very modern long beard, well maintained, contours with a razor.

  • 3 Days

    It's the reveler's beard: 3-day beard, trimmed with clippers, contours drawn with a razor.

  • one week

    10-day beard, trimmed with clippers and scissors in gradient, contours drawn with a razor.

  • Nicholas II

    Long beard trimmed with scissors, contoured with a razor, handlebar mustache.

  • Long full beard

    Long beard, trimmed with scissors, contours with a razor, elaborate mustache.

  • Medium full beard

    Beard trimmed with scissors, contours with a razor, gradient mustache blending into the beard.

Assert your Personality with an Elegant Mustache:

Nothing adds a touch of retro charm like a well-groomed mustache. Explore the different mustache styles, from classic to French, and find the one that suits your personality. Discover mustache grooming tips and styling ideas to create a unique and stylish look.

  • Fine English mustache

    Long and straight, divided in two, the rising ends slightly curled upwards

  • Connoisseur

    Fine, divided in two, with length to be able to bend the ends with wax.

  • Thick French mustache

    Slightly curved at the ends.

  • Causeway tide

    Mustache long adopted by the gendarmes, thick regular.

  • Horseshoe mustache

    Full which extends all around the mouth like the Fu Manchu but thicker and unshaven at the jawline. It looks like the reverse of a horseshoe (adopted by Glenn Hughes, bikers, wrestlers like Hulk Hogan or cowboys).

  • Gentleman

    Mustache provided degraded into comb-down tips.

  • Chevron mustache

    Stiff, thick and wide enough to lightly bite the upper lip line. This bushy mustache is popular in American culture of the 1970s and 1980s (Burt Reynolds, Ron Jeremy, Chuck Norris, Richard Petty, Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury).

  • Handlebar mustache

    Provided in the middle and tapered at the ends, it rises slightly on either side of the mouth to resemble a “bicycle handlebar”.

  • Clark Gable

    Straight, thin, separated in two.

  • Imperial mustache

    Thick, extending from the upper lip towards the cheeks where it curls upwards. Particularly popular under Emperor Napoleon III.

Care and Maintenance Tips:

Besides inspiring you with ideas for hairstyles, beards and mustaches, we also provide you with care and maintenance tips. Discover the best hair products, beard oils and grooming tools to maintain your fresh, groomed appearance every day.

Don't leave the choice of your hairstyle, beard and mustache to chance. Use our comprehensive guide to find inspiration and assert your style with confidence. Whether you're looking for a professional, elegant look or a casual, trendy style, we have everything you need to help you achieve the look you want. Explore our tips and tricks today and transform your appearance in an instant.