Feu du rasoir et feu de barbe

Razor burn and beard burn

Razor burn and beard burn are two problems that can occur after shaving or when growing a beard and result in irritated skin or an itchy beard.

If you have sensitive skin, you have probably already experienced razor burn when shaving. Your skin burns, itches and redness appears on freshly shaved areas.

We will therefore help you with our barber tips to soothe your skin and adopt good habits when shaving.

As a barber we advise you to properly repair your skin before each shave . For example, by using shaving oil , it will soften your hair , helping to limit future irritation due to shaving. So apply a shaving oil and let it soak in before shaving. Take care to extend well along the neck !

How to avoid razor burn?

razor burn

It is very important to use a razor or blade dedicated to this purpose . Make sure you get a clean blade and change it regularly . This will damage your skin less, increase the effectiveness of shaving and limit the number of ingrown hairs. Remember that a shaving blade should be changed every week if you use it every day , but can last several months if you only shave once or twice a month.

When shaving, take care to shave in the direction of the hair in order to achieve a good shave, limit irritation and good hair regrowth. Refer to our shaving map below to guide you in your actions.

shaving card

Take care of your facial folds by stretching the skin tightly with your thumb and index finger. Take your time, your skin will thank you.

From time to time, give yourself a special moment during your shave. Take the time to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation by giving yourself a little scrub to open your skin pores and prepare it for a better shave.

How to take care of your skin after shaving?

Once the shave is finished, it is time to take care of your skin which has had to face the attacks of the blades. Thanks to our after-shave balm with 100% natural active ingredients, you will nourish and soothe (shea butter) your skin thanks to its moisturizing (coconut oil) and healing (Aloe vera) action for a good recovery and reduction of this effect of razor burn .

How to deal with a beard fire?

beard fire

Are you experiencing symptoms similar to razor burn but you have n't shaved recently ? Then you are probably facing a beard fire . As with shaving burn your skin is irritated you see an appearance of redness but on top of that your beard itches.

Most beard fire occurs when your beard grows back a few days after shaving. To avoid this, we first advise you to respect the shaving ritual as we listed above.

Afterwards, using a beard oil or a beard balm could help soften your beard, make it soft while nourishing and strengthening your hair. By softening the hair , beard burn should subside and therefore at the same time reduce irritation to your skin .

Which oil to prevent beard fire?

beard oil

In order to fight against this beard fire we have put together several beard oils and balms with their own virtues.

All our oils will moisturize the hair and soften it . However, during a beard fire we would advise you to go for Tonsor & Cie Orient and Ice beard oil .

Ice beard oil with its soothing and anti-frizz properties will calm this feeling of heat , while strengthening and hydrating your hair . Your beard will therefore be softened with a feeling of softness to the touch and a refreshing smell of icy mint and cedar .

Orien beard oil has antiseptic properties with an intense moisturizing action and its original scent based on red amber, cedar and vanilla will enhance your day. This oil will moisturize even the driest beards . With its composition of dry macadamia oil, it nourishes and softens both the hair and the skin in order to soothe any sensation of irritation . Which makes it the perfect ally for the most reactive skin .

What balm to avoid beard fire?

beard balm

Our beard balms have the main action of hydrating and disciplining your hair , therefore helping to soothe it and help it grow back . Of 100% natural origin, based on Shea butter, Copra butter and avocado butter for a moisturizing and nourishing effect , Tonsor & Cie beard balms. will structure your beard thanks to the beeswax they contain.

Boisée beard balm , thanks to its notes of ebony and patchouli, will discipline your beard throughout the day , while hydrating and nourishing it . This balm is ideal for men with dry beards looking for softness and suppleness for their beards.

Marine beard balm is better suited to dry, fragile, brittle beards that have difficulty growing back . It will be perfect for finding a soft, disciplined and soothed beard . Its iodized and sweet smells will enhance your beard every day .

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